Resume Workshop

Participate in this online seminar with a job goal and get a professionally formatted resume (emailed to you within a week). This seminar will help you target your resume with content that will impress a potential employer by showing your unmistakable value. Review your reference list to be sure they are current and are going to promote you well. Learn what needs to be included in a cover letter and why cover letters are important to consider.

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Wellness Together Canada

Visit here to access a free resource to support your mental health, through the pandemic and when things return to a new normal. There are many modules and other exercises to maintain mental well-being. Try it out today.

Click the image to visit the Wellness Together Canada website.


Social Media for Job Search

We live in a digital age, and as such, it is only natural that the job search transitions into the digital world as well. In our Social Media seminar, participants will learn step-by-step how to make this happen.

The course focuses on personal and professional branding and how it can enhance your job search through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, the course guides you to develop a LinkedIn profile and opportunities to use it to search jobs, network, and connect with other professionals in a field.

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Networking Workshop – Session 1

Unlock the meaning of the hidden job market and access its potential! Learn how to start conversations to build your contacts, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.

New Plans

One of the most difficult things about making plans to reach your goals is getting started. The first step is hard. With the right support, it can be easier! The LEHC team can guide your planning process and support you in taking the specific steps necessary to reach your goals. Connect with us today to start 2021 off on the right foot!

Labour Market Research

Learn about the local, regional and national labour market information including industry trends and how to use online resources available to compliment your job search and/or your career decisions.

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