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Power Up London, October 29, 2019

On Tuesday evening, October 29, an energetic group gathered at Olive R Twists at the Covent Garden Market in London ON.

How Do You Feel At Work

Power Up London is a networking group dedicated to supporting London’s entrepreneurs and communities. This time around, mental health and well being were the topics of the day. We all suffer, have suffered, or know someone that has suffered from mental illness. This is a particularly tricky topic to broach in the workplace. Supervisors and Managers could perceive weakness or incompetence, coworkers could start to doubt you. This only makes things worse. People generally do not want to discuss these things in public with others. That’s a big part of the challenge here: by keeping all of these emotions and sentiments inside, one will only make it harder to seek the help and support she/he/they need(s).

Roots of Mental Wellbeing

Three courageous survivors of mental illness shared their stories of struggle, suffering, defeat, perseverance, resiliency, and victory. Mental illness is real; recovery is possible. Speak out. Start these courageous conversations. Reach out. There are a number of great supports in the London area for mental health and wellness. Contact the LEHC today to learn more and find out where to get the help you are looking for. No judgements. Only hope. Thank you to the event’s organizers and the speakers, and we hope to see you out at the next Power Up London event. Stay tuned!