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The CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) Application Available Now Through CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)

As of today, there is the option to apply online for the CERB through your CRA account. A blue dialogue box will open when you click apply to notify you of your designated application day. Please only apply on your corresponding day. If it is your day to apply, click to continue. If you have already submitted an EI request, regardless of whether or not it has been approved, you will notice that the next step informs the user that the application for the CERB has already been accepted. The government is doing its best to get these payments to people within 3-5 business days but there is not currently a service guarantee due to the unprecedented nature of this pandemic.

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Please note, the terms do include a section that outlines overpayment of CERB money. The government states that it is not responsible to ensure your eligibility and that if ineligible payments are made, it is the responsibility of the individual to find that out and repay the government any potential overpayments through the CERB. The federal government has hinted at additional financial supports for those individuals not eligible for EI or the CERB. More details to follow.

Most of the covid-19 government announcements thus far have not addressed help for those not in employment, education or training before the pandemic. There has been some money set aside for households with children, however. Please read more here, if this applies to you. Existing provincial funding is still available as usual through Ontario Works (OW) or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) with additional benefits specifically due to the covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned with the LEHC, a trusted community resource, for the latest developments as they happen.

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Be Aware of Cybersecurity Risks When Using Web Conferencing Tools

Remote work and business has become essential in a matter of weeks. With that drastic increase in user demand, it is important to remember the security risks of video conferencing and remote meetings and webinars. Zoom in particular has been getting most of the media exposure about cybersecurity weaknesses. Other platforms could be just as vulnerable depending on how you use them. Three quick, important tips (regardless of your software of choice) to follow are, 1) Create a strong password for your account(s), something you will remember. Do not share it with anybody, ever; 2) log out of your accounts every time you use any device, especially public computers, and 3) create password-protected video conferences and webinars, using unique links as much as possible.

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If there is anything positive to take from this, it’s a renewed interest in personal and organizational privacy and cybersecurity laws and policies. Most people are vulnerable to these cybersecurity risks without an ongoing, unprecedented pandemic so taking extra precaution right now is crucial as these websites and tools could be targeted by hackers and leave your personal information and data open and unencrypted (not password-protected).

(More information from the FBI, The Guardian, and Global News)

The LEHC takes all available precautions to protect the privacy of its clients and only wants to ensure that users are satisfied with both its legal policies and also ethical codes of conduct. Protect yourself. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback today. We continue to support our job seeker and employer clients remotely on a secure network. The LEHC team is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the curve.

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Latest Updates on Accessing Support During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Service Canada recently announced a new link that will offer more information about how and when Canadians can apply to access financial assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit here for the most up-to-date details an information about what the government is doing to support Canadians during this difficult time. Service Canada kindly requests that individuals submit an online “Request for Service” form to work through specific questions not outlined elsewhere. We remind you that the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) application system will be available in early April 2020 through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Please note, if you have already applied for Employment Insurance (EI), you do not need to apply for the CERB. CERB applications will be automatic for those not eligible for EI.

If you are a business in need of support, please visit here. Your company will need to access these supports through its financial institution.

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Service Canada Update: Changes to Accessing Services Amid Covid-19

Service Canada recently announced critical changes for individuals accessing services. Service Canada offices are currently closed to the public and the government is encouraging people to apply online or by phone. Longer than normal wait times are to be expected. We understand that people may not have access to computers, Internet, or smart phones. This is a major barrier for the most vulnerable Canadians right now. Please visit here for more information on eligibility and applying for social assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Please note that the assistance was designed for individuals that were already in the workforce before the pandemic, and for households that have been affected by extended school closures, layoffs, and quarantines due to Covid-19. For individuals that were not in employment, education or training before the pandemic, and are in need of the financial assistance in Ontario, please visit the province’s Ontario Works website where additional discretionary benefits and smoother application processes have also been announced.

The LEHC will release a screen-by-screen slideshow of the current EI application process soon. Stay tuned and contact us if we can help.

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Financial Supports During Covid-19 in Ontario

The Ontario government has announced $200 million in additional investment to support individuals, including Ontario’s most vulnerable people, businesses, not-for-profits, and charities in the province. There will be frequent updates as the government response unfolds and information about applications and access becomes available. You can read the London Free Press article here. Stay tuned for more.

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Please click here to learn more about the Covid-19 Emergency Assistance or to apply. Processing times will be affected.  You can also click here to learn more about Ontario’s response to Covid-19 in general

Please note, those already accessing social assistance are not eligible for Emergency Assistance but there are plans to make it easier to access discretionary benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic. Other measures are also being put into place to make approval processes easier for both recipients and caseworkers.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic response, please contact us and we will do what we can to guide, support, and direct you: | 519-439-0501

LEHC Updates: COVID-19

Effective March 18, 2020

Please note, the LEHC and the Advocacy Department will be switching to remote support until further notice. Engage online at or by calling 519-439-0501 or emailing or


Due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, the LEHC will switch to remote support until further notice. The provincial and federal governments both released statements today, with a state of emergency being declared in Ontario until at least March 31, 2020. In the interest of public safety, we will be booking new appointments and supporting our clients by phone or email. We join our community partners in the effort to reduce and stop the spread of the virus, and we hope you will stay safe and healthy, taking all of the recommended precautions from medical professionals.