Has Applying Online for Jobs Worked for You?

You’ve heard it before: “I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs online and haven’t heard anything back.”

Networking is the answer! But, you’ve also heard how difficult it is to network and that only certain people are good at it.

Truth is, you’ve already been networking! As job seekers, you need to start building your network today so that you can access it when it’s needed. Networking can’t happen over night. Build trustful relationships now before you need them.

Flip the script: think, “What can I do for that person?” rather than, “What can they do for me?”

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Start building your network today!


Where the Jobs Are

This year continues to bring with it a lot of change. The pandemic has had a major impact on the local economy.

Employer and business needs are changing. The skills required to work are changing. What’s in-demand is changing.

It’s important to adapt with the times. Were you laid off from a role due to the pandemic? There are options in the world of remote work!

The construction and manufacturing industries remain largely untouched. Maybe you feel like you don’t want to work in those fields. Well, every industry requires similar roles in administration and accounting, logistics and supply chain, marketing, design, engineering, you name it!

Here’s a quick snapshot of where the jobs have been in 2021 so far: