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 Isolation is more common during the pandemic and this can be a daily struggle for many folks. The LEHC has supported many people in the London area in finding employment, accessing community supports and enrolling in relevant training. Our team of professionals works hard to ensure nobody is left behind. You could be one of the many people we help each day!

Contact 519-914-1737 for Advocacy and 519-439-0501 for Employment Support. Email

Planning your active job search

Active Job Search Planning

Second in importance to your objective are your plans to get there. So often, we imagine how something will unfold and it’s very different from reality. Wishing or waiting to reach your objective won’t work. But, taking concrete steps can be challenging in the midst of an active job search. It can make us doubt our value and worth, knowledge and skills and, most dangerous of all, the self. The first step is the hardest to make so let the LEHC support you! Contact us today at or 519-439-0501!

Planning your active job search