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Register for the LEHC Apprenticeship Information Session!

Interested in learning more about the skilled trades, or continuing your career in an apprenticeship in Ontario? Register for the LEHC info session tomorrow from 9:30-11 a.m.: 519-439-0501 or epugliese@lehc.ca. Zoom virtual format, telephone or live chat, based on individual need.

Register for the LEHC apprenticeship information session: epugliese@lehc.ca or 519-439-0501. Thursday May 7 from 9:30-11

Unsure about the skilled trades in Ontartio, or your next move as an apprentice? (Image of figure at a crossroads)

Apprenticeships in Ontario

Interested in learning more or progressing in your career in the skilled trades? Contact the LEHC today to register for the information session or a one-to-one appointment. See our events calendar to learn more at www.lehc.ca!

Apprenticeship information sessions. Contact LEHC by phone, email or web to register!