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Perseverance Pays

The job search is tough. We’ve all been there. It can cause self-doubt, fear and stress, and a loss of identity. That’s normal. It can also empower you. Take one LEHC client, Joe, who was unsure about using computers to submit online job applications. This knowledge gap made it very difficult for Joe to get in front of anyone. He has the skills, knowledge and experience but without knowing how to apply online, he found himself limited greatly in his job search.

Now, after working very closely with one of our Career and Employment Specialists, he is able to access and edit his application documents and submit online applications anywhere he likes.

Our team of professionals can support you–not just with technology use, but with the finer details of an active job search approach and strategy.

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Contact 519-439-0501 for Employment Services and 519-914-1737 for Advocacy. Email

Connect with the London Employment Help Centre

 Isolation is more common during the pandemic and this can be a daily struggle for many folks. The LEHC has supported many people in the London area in finding employment, accessing community supports and enrolling in relevant training. Our team of professionals works hard to ensure nobody is left behind. You could be one of the many people we help each day!

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The Changing World of Work

The world has changed drastically. The world of work is no different. Remote jobs will grow even as many people right now are being laid off. The jobs that are disappearing now will slowly reappear in new forms. As job seekers and employers, it’s important to adapt with the times. It seems like virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere soon. Are you a job seeker who’s uncomfortable with the virtual interview process? As a hiring manager, are you concerned that you cannot as easily get to know your applicants?

This is just one aspect of our changing world. While there is a lot of uncertainty, there is also a lot of potential. To the talent out there, companies are hiring! To the companies, there are many people looking for work. Workforce development has never been so important. Contact the LEHC today to see how our team of professionals can help!

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