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Tell Your Story!

At the LEHC, we work tirelessly to support local job seekers and businesses! There are so many stories of success and we invite you to write your own with us. Take an internationally trained electrical engineer that came to Canada and hit the ground running looking for his first work experience. With the support of LEHC staff, he was able to build a local, professional network and land a position as an electrical engineer in training (EIT), now well on his way to earning his P.Eng!

The journey was hard. It was at times hopeless and dreadful. It took just over 2 years for this engineer to land this opportunity. Like all stories, there were ups and downs, struggles and triumphs.

There’s always hope.

Connect with the LEHC today to continue telling your story with confidence while progressing personally and professionally.

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Happy Canada Day!

Today, we would like to take a moment to recognize the privilege of living in Canada. Canadians are fortunate and today is a day to show our gratitude. Have fun. Stay safe.

An image of the Canadian maple leaf in fireworks