Coming to Canada can be a big change, and once here, it can be very hard to move into a new job market. Differences in how past education, certifications and experiences are viewed and accepted can create a barrier to obtaining long-term employment. In addition, cultural and language differences can also cause issues for those seeking work.

At the London Employment Help Centre, we provide employment services and career development aimed at assisting those new to Canada in getting established in many great career fields. In addition to our counselling service, our staff can also assist with referrals to other agencies that can assist with clients’ needs in the community.

Language barriers are no problem at LEHC, where many of our staff have fluency in alternate languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish and many others. If you have concerns about your ability to work with us, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange accommodations.

Interested in getting your English Abilities assessed? Cross Cultural Learners Centre offers English Assessment services, so that you can be better equipped with the appropriate level of English services to your ability. Click the icon below for more details.