Employer Services


Job Matching, Placement & Incentive

The Job Matching, Placement and Incentive program bridges the gap between the employer and the job seeker. The London Employment Help Centre offers employers the opportunity to connect with and retain the right employees based on specific needs. The London Employment Help Centre assists employers with the following services:

  • Identifies and pre-screens suitable candidates
  • Offers financial incentives funded by Employment Ontario
  • Provides information about different careers and occupations
  • Works with employers to develop individual training plans
  • Assists with assessing employees’ skills, interests and preferences, matching them with employers’ workplace needs
  • Provides support in identifying and resolving workplace issues
  • Provides information about other Employment Ontario programs and services available
  • Supports job retention by monitoring and coaching the participants’ on-the-job training progress
  • Provides recruitment assistance with access to web postings
  • Creates awareness of the Employers’ hiring needs
  • Provides boardroom for job fairs and interviewing
  • Provides on-the-job training placement incentives
  • Provides FREE job postings on our website and job boards in our Resource Centre
  • Provides apprenticeship coordination

Job Placement

Employees may be eligible for on-the-job training and/or work experience incentives, and in some cases, additional support to help keep them at work.

Our Job Matching, Placement and Incentives program offers you the opportunity to connect with and retain the right employees based on your specific needs.

To participate in a work placement, employers must:

  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario
  • Provide employment in Ontario
  • Have appropriate workplace safety and insurance coverage and adequate third party general liability insurance coverage

Employers may be eligible to receive financial incentives that support on-the-job training and work experience opportunities for participants. The financial incentives vary and are based on the skill level and length of training required.

Our Career Employment Specialists will work closely with the employer and participants to assess financial incentives and the availability of funding for the program.

Contact us today to find out how to get the process started. 519-439-0501 or info@lehc.ca