Video Resumes

Video is taking over. It’s people’s favourite way to consume information. The trend is happening with resumes as well. It is a unique way to help you stand out in the job search, but it takes planning, preparation and practice.

Have a look here for more information about visual resumes, how to create them and when to use them! You can review some examples here to get started.

Video resumes

Tips for Video Meetings

Video meetings are becoming the norm. It can be a challenge to get used to at first for those that perform better in person, but it is a skill worth developing. Job seekers need to find ways to translate their performance to video. See below for some helpful tips about video meetings, whether they are informational interviews, seminars, interviews, workshops or webinars. Smile, you’re on camera!

Video meeting tips

Make your resume stand out

The Resume F Factor

So much of the world of work is going digital. It can definitely seem like it’s too hard to stand out in the job market. Researchers have shown that HR readers focus on certain points in the resume to find what they are looking for. Motion and heat sensors were used while studying how HR professionals read documents and it the findings showed the “f” pattern. Are you putting all of the most important information on your resume within the pattern? Give it a try.

Wellness Together Canada

Visit here to access a free resource to support your mental health, through the pandemic and when things return to a new normal. There are many modules and other exercises to maintain mental well-being. Try it out today.

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Interview Dress Codes

The world of work is changing, including the interview. Many job seekers are uncomfortable with the idea of remote interviews. The LEHC can help. Register for the interviewing workshop today. Visit here for the schedule and here for the details!

4 Main interview dress codes

New Plans

One of the most difficult things about making plans to reach your goals is getting started. The first step is hard. With the right support, it can be easier! The LEHC team can guide your planning process and support you in taking the specific steps necessary to reach your goals. Connect with us today to start 2021 off on the right foot!

Happy New Year!


From everyone at the LEHC, we wish you health, prosperity and success! Let our team of professionals be a part of your career development in 2021!