The Salvation Army Centre of Hope London ON Job Fair

Join the fine folks at the Centre of Hope today for their first job fair…ever. Don’t miss out if you are interested in working to serve the community. There are roles of all kinds available. See below for the details. See you there! (January 9, 2020, 3-7:30 p.m., Centre of Hope Chapel, 281 Wellington Street, London ON).

Join the Salvation Army Centre of Hope in London ON for its first job fair. Jan. 9, 2020 from 3-7:30 p.m., Centre of Hope Chapel, 281 Wellington Street London ON

Happy New Year from the LEHC!

Take a leap in 2020, a leap year

You’ve heard all the catchphrases, “New Year, New You,” “Spring into the New Year,” “This is Your Year.”

So, we’ll spare you the platitudes. The LEHC is interested in assisting, guiding, and supporting every person in setting, planning, and reaching set goals and objectives. While many people and places try to hype up the possibilities of the new year with little practical suggestion, we want to help you with the specifics of your situation and help in customizing an approach and strategy in the job market that will work for you. It is, after all, a leap year so do your best to take one.

There’s a lot of hardship at this time of year as well. We might reflect on all the resolutions we didn’t keep, or on how the year didn’t get us to where we want to be, and this will halt momentum in getting things done and making things happen. Try to approach this year with genuine curiousity and just start by noticing things, not trying to immediately solve or fix them. Beating yourself up about this stuff is only going to make it more difficult for you to realize your goals. Be kind and gentle with yourself, and give yourself credit for any victory, however small. This will make a positive and proactive approach much easier. Good things will happen. You just need to take the first, and hardest, step.

Visit the LEHC today and start your new year off in a positive and productive way!

Have a Safe and Happy Winter Break!

From everyone at the LEHC, we wish you the best this festive season and good things to come in the new year!

Peyto Lake in Winter

This is a time to reflect on all there is to be grateful for, and to share priceless moments with loved ones.

We hope to see you around in the new year!

Public Consultations on Poverty Reduction Strategy in Ontario

The festive season is a good time to address poverty within our families and communities. Not everyone has the privilege of celebrating at this time of year, and poverty reduction strategy is massively important to reduce and ideally eliminate the barrier of poverty.

What does poverty look like to you?

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services is conducting a new study to research ways to reduce poverty in Ontario. Poverty is everywhere, and is linked to very important things like access to education and resources, stable housing, regular meals and hygiene. These issues affect the whole community so we all have a vested interest in this issue whether we realize it or not. Visit here to learn more from the formal Ministry news release, and please participate. All are welcome and equally valued: those with lived experience of poverty and marginalization, wealthy individuals, the middle class, the working poor, students and scholars, and ultimately, all community members. Keep an eye out for an update in January 2020 with the online survey. If you need assistance completing the survey, visit the LEHC or another local community partner. You can send your initial feedback to in the meantime.

The Modern Resume

There is an entire industry dedicated to writing resumes!

Professionals study, research, and practice this stuff in the hopes of developing a tested method for creating resumes with the most impact. Though the resume is only one piece of the active job search puzzle, it can be your key into the locked doors of HR decision-making. It may result in an interview.

Image of Resumes Being Presented. Publci Domain.

This is the whole point: to get in front of a human being and connect. You need not spend hours and hours fixating on the “perfect” resume (because, really, it does not exist). Instead, try to strategize and target the resume to your specific postings of interest.

This will help to keep you grounded and freshen things up once it gets stale. Be creative. Enjoy the craft of writing as much as possible. Have fun. Putting that energy into your application document(s) will make it come across to the reader that you are energetic, proactive, positive–all of those things that get harder and harder to be the longer you are at a job search without yet reaching the desired outcome (the job offer).

Read more here.

If you think you’ve tried it all, give the LEHC a call. Maybe we can put things into perspective and start to develop a coordinated and strategic active job search.


Top Three (Practical) Things To Do Today as an Active Job or Talent Seeker

Uncredited, Copyright-free Sketch of a Human Brain - Left and Right Sides - right in painted colour and left black and white with mathematical calculations


Yeah, we’ve all seen the top ten and twenty lists that dominate trending blog and news articles. This, though, is a top three. Three: it’s a good number. It is manageable and therefore more likely to help people in getting done whatever needs to be done. Life is chaotic; information is everywhere and ever-present; it’s hard to get a good sense of direction sometimes, and it’s normal to feel the need for help. Here’s just a little something to get your feet back on the ground:

1) Set Reasonable Goals

A big part of procrastination is the uncertainty of what will happen if we do, in fact, decide to do something. If a goal is too complicated, it will immediately become more difficult to accomplish. You can start easy by setting the goal to cook dinner and then clean up the kitchen afterward. “What’s specifically involved?,” “How might it look if I were to do this?,” “How might I feel after if I’ve reached the goal?” Then, with practice, you set more and more meaningful and significant goals using the same principles as you would with simpler goals.

2) Think of Specific Tasks

Fear and/or change can dominate a person’s motivation to do something. Remember a few key things when it comes to setting and achieving goals: motivation follows action, you can never truly predict how something will go so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try and seeing what it looks like, and this whole topic is highly sensitive and emotionally charged. Emotions are triggered by thoughts, not the other way around.

3) Complete Tasks Systematically

As with doing anything, some kind of organizational system helps. There’s no magical prescription for what that looks like, but people generally start with lists and then determine what tasks need to be completed in order for the next task to be ready for completion until the goal is reached. Start small, and then once you see that there’s nothing to fear about experience, testing, positive modification and success, you can go bigger and bigger based on what you are really after.

What are you really after?

Contact the LEHC if you are a job seeker or business in London Ontario seeking more detailed and useful specific tactics and strategies in making progress toward your personal, professional, or organizational goals and growth.

Stay tuned for the Top Three (Big Picture) Things to Do Today as an Active Job or Talent Seeker!