LEHC Peer Program

What's Happening?

Welcome to the LEHC’s Peer Program!


A Message from Tammy Brooks, Advocacy Community Coordinator:


Do you identify as someone with a disability or know someone who does?


Living with a disability brings its own unique set of challenges and successes.


Success with a disabilityYes!


No matter what you’re living with or your experience, a disability can be frustrating and overwhelming yet motivational and empowering.


Are you wondering how this is possible?


With motivation and empowerment as the foundation, we are here to support you in reaching your personal goals in education, employment, volunteerism, community engagement, and so much more!


If you are looking for a unique way to get involved in your community and achieve your goals, London Employment Help Centre, Peer Program, is the place for you! 


To find out more about how you can best be supported, share your knowledge, skills, and story, contact Tammy Brooks, Advocacy Community Coordinator, tbrooks@lehc.ca or by phone,  519-914-1737 ext. 232.

Contact the LEHC's Advocacy Community Coordinator today, 519-914-1737 ext. 232 or tbrooks@lehc.ca!