About LEHC

London Free Press Clipping – 1986

Founded in 1983 as the London Unemployment Help Centre, LEHC’s roots were founded in helping others. Starting out with two counsellors and two admin staff, the agency took inquiries for assistance with unemployment insurance, workman’s compensation and welfare applications. This grew into a wide array of advocacy services, including Legal Aid Ontario, housing, health insurance and financial guidance. This work, sponsored by the London and District Labour Council, London and District Building Trades Council and the United Way, saw nearly a thousand inquiries in it’s first year.

Faced with a changing dynamic in 1984, the agency regrouped and in January of 1985, began work under a new grant from Canada Works to combat the long-term problems of unemployment. One step in this process was the creation of the Job Finding Club, which was such a tremendous success that it spurred the review and continuation of the agencies work.

Now, some 37+ years later, London Employment Help Centre continues its work towards its mandate. Boasting 25 staff members and growing still, LEHC strives to combat poverty and unemployment in the London area. Featuring both advocacy and employment services, the agency works with thousands of clients each year to secure stable income supports and employment opportunities.

Mission: The London Employment Help Centre (LEHC) exists for personal achievement through maximum employment and entitlement to social benefits.

Vision: The London Employment Help Centre is a not-for-profit charitable agency dedicated to combating poverty through helping clients seek appropriate employment and access available social benefits.