The Internationally Trained Individual: New to Canada

You are enough!

We hear everywhere that Canada needs to tap into the wealth of talent and skill of new Canadians, but the story on the ground is often very different. At the LEHC, we like to focus on being proactive even though the experience of starting a career that is already well established outside of Canada can be exhausting, hopeless, and dreadful. We meet highly specialized and gifted internationally trained professionals all the time, and we do what we can to support this challenging career transition. For example, there was a business communications and marketing professional that was seeking opportunities in her field in London ON after relocating here with her family. We started with simple application document revisions. Then, we established a list of company targets. From there, it was a matter of finding the relevant person to contact about hiring decisions. Then, a role came through a local employment sector network, which sounded just perfect as a start to her career in Canada! The LEHC assisted with gathering the information that was necessary to create a highly specific application made just for this role and made the direct connection to ensure that the company saw this great candidate. Over a year later, and she is still working in Canada in her field!

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