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Service Canada Update: Changes to Accessing Services Amid Covid-19

Service Canada recently announced critical changes for individuals accessing services. Service Canada offices are currently closed to the public and the government is encouraging people to apply online or by phone. Longer than normal wait times are to be expected. We understand that people may not have access to computers, Internet, or smart phones. This is a major barrier for the most vulnerable Canadians right now. Please visit here for more information on eligibility and applying for social assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Please note that the assistance was designed for individuals that were already in the workforce before the pandemic, and for households that have been affected by extended school closures, layoffs, and quarantines due to Covid-19. For individuals that were not in employment, education or training before the pandemic, and are in need of the financial assistance in Ontario, please visit the province’s Ontario Works website where additional discretionary benefits and smoother application processes have also been announced.

The LEHC will release a screen-by-screen slideshow of the current EI application process soon. Stay tuned and contact us if we can help.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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