Professional Development Seminars

Looking for some guidance and current information on ways to better your job search or retraining goals? Look no further! At the London Employment Help Centre, we offer a wide range of professional development training that will better equip you. Seminars run often; weekly or monthly and are free to attend. Simply view our schedule of events and contact the office to book yourself to the date of your choice. Please note that we do ask that you book ahead in order to reserve your seat.
Please call 519-439-0501 or email your contact information to and register today.

Build a Better Resume

Come with a job goal and leave with a professionally formatted resume (emailed to you within a week). This seminar will help you create a resume for a position you are seeking. Focus areas will include identifying a preferred format for your resume, learning how to set up a resume design to best capture the participant’s skills and experience, and showcasing all skills and knowledge that can be brought to bear for a potential employer.

Seminar offered weekly – 2 days (9:30 – 3:00)

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Cover Letter Seminar

The Ultimate Gift Wrap! Learn what needs to be included in a cover letter and why cover letters are important to consider!
Walk away with a cover letter targeted to an employer.
Come to the seminar with an employer in mind!

Seminar offered bi-weekly – Half day (9:30 – 12:00)/ (1:00 – 3:30) alternating bi-weekly

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Employer Expectations

This seminar will give you a better understanding of what today’s employer expects. You will learn how to succeed on the job and what makes you a valuable employee. Improve your interpersonal skills, think ahead and plan for success!

Seminar offered monthly – 1 day (9:30 – 3pm)

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Mastering the Interview

This seminar is designed to assist the participant in an interview setting. By working with participants, the facilitator will present a strategy for recognizing and overcoming weaknesses in presentation, as well as capitalizing on the presentation of one’s strengths.
This seminar will include:
 Discussion of successful interviewing strategies, including proper preparation and presentation.
 How to answer behavioral interview questions.
 How to answer situational interview questions.

Seminar offered bi-weekly – 1 day (9:30 – 3:00)

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Mock Interview

This workshop serves as a continuation of the Interview workshop, and aims at furthering the focus on the individual. In Mock Interview, participants will run through a role-play interview aimed to be similar to one that would take place in the field of their choice. This interview can be recorded for review after, in order for the participants to review factors such as body language.

Seminar runs bi-weekly. Taping in the am, feedback in the pm.

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Networking (Melting the Iceberg!)

Facilitators of the networking seminar assist participants in beginning to grow and develop their current network of career-related contacts. Participants seeking to find appropriate employment need to continuously develop and maintain their personal network. Good network connections are critical for accessing the “Hidden Job Market”. Many consider this the seminar that details “how to let people know you are looking for work.”

Seminar offered bi-weekly – Half day (9:30 – 12:00) / (1:00 – 3:30pm), alternating bi-weekly.

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Mastering the Information Interview

This is potentially the hidden gem in the job searching world to find your next position! What is it? How do you set it up? What do you ask? Why are they so important to do?

Seminar offered monthly – Half day (9:30-12:00)

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Social Media Workshop

We live in a digital age, and as such, it is only natural that the job search transitions into the digital world as well. In our Social Media workshop, participants will learn step-by-step how to make this happen.

The course is broken up into two halves; the morning consists of an introduction to social media, with focus given to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The afternoon is aimed at more advanced techniques and building a LinkedIn profile to search jobs, network, and connect with other professionals in a field.

Seminar offered bi-weekly – Duration 1 day – two half day sessions. Introduction runs from 9:30 – 12:00 and advanced runs from 1:00 – 3:00. Participants can take part in introduction, advanced or both components of the workshop.

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Personal Branding and Assessments

Through assessments identify your strengths, values and interests to help in your job search or make a career change (Personality Dimensions, Career Key and Values Card Sort).
Participants will experience a day course aimed at assessing one’s strengths, interests and passions and using them to help build confidence in their search.

Seminar runs monthly –1 day (9:30 – 3:00)

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Assessment Interpretation

This seminar is an optional follow-up to the Personal Branding session. Understand the inter-relationship of the assessments completed and how to utilize this information in your career/job search decisions.

Seminar offered monthly – Half day (9:30- 12:00)

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Knowledge is Power! (Labour Market Research)

Learn the local, regional and national labour market information including industry trends and how to use online resources available to compliment your job search and/or your career decisions.

Seminar offered monthly – 1 day (9:30-3:00)

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Apprenticeship is about to get real. Register today for the Apprenticeship Information Session at the London Employment Help Centre. We take you beyond the Power Point slides and put your search for an apprenticeship in to context. We are here to guide, support and advocate on behalf of aspiring apprentices in Ontario. The facilitator will cover everything from the very basics of apprenticeship to brand new government funding initiatives to address labour shortages in the trades in Ontario. Leave with an abundance of information and resources, along with contact information to ensure you understand the apprenticeship process in Ontario.

Sessions offered monthly, on the Third Tuesday of each month – Duration 2 ½ hours (9:30 am – 12:00 pm)

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Second Career Information Session

Interested in a return to school? Not sure if you qualify for the Second Career program? Come join us for an informative workshop where we cover the details needed to know to assess your ability to qualify, and get a peek at what the application process entails.

Program runs 3 times a month on Tuesdays – Course Duration 2 ½ hours (9:30 am – 12:00 pm)

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