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Front Page Image of the Toronto Star, February 3, 2020 edition

The front page image of Monday, February 3, 2020’s edition of the Toronto Star, by: Josh Rubin, Business Reporter

The Toronto Star reports today on a “talent gap,” addressing workforce planning and development issues and Toronto’s economic competitiveness within the Canadian economy. Many of these issues also exist in other economic regions of Ontario and Canada on a different scale. This may foreshadow municipal development elsewhere in the province and country as the limits of current urban centres are tested and infrastructural development becomes necessary in non-urban regions. Read the article here.


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The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) Releases Policy Updates

Affordable Housing isn't Simple

The OMSSA released an update today informing communities about upcoming public consultations for the  provincial and federal budgets. Click here to read more and to give your input and feedback on the provincial budget. Or visit the Federal Government’s budget consultation website to provide valuable feedback and input about the federal budget. You can also submit your feedback by regular mail.

Also included was an update about the Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit, which is a government investment to support people that need financial assistance with housing costs. Read all about it here.


Public Consultations on Poverty Reduction Strategy in Ontario

The festive season is a good time to address poverty within our families and communities. Not everyone has the privilege of celebrating at this time of year, and poverty reduction strategy is massively important to reduce and ideally eliminate the barrier of poverty.

What does poverty look like to you?

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services is conducting a new study to research ways to reduce poverty in Ontario. Poverty is everywhere, and is linked to very important things like access to education and resources, stable housing, regular meals and hygiene. These issues affect the whole community so we all have a vested interest in this issue whether we realize it or not. Visit here to learn more from the formal Ministry news release, and please participate. All are welcome and equally valued: those with lived experience of poverty and marginalization, wealthy individuals, the middle class, the working poor, students and scholars, and ultimately, all community members. Keep an eye out for an update in January 2020 with the online survey. If you need assistance completing the survey, visit the LEHC or another local community partner. You can send your initial feedback to in the meantime.

Ontario Disability Benefits: Stay Ahead of the Winds of Change

Next Tuesday, December 3, 2019, representatives from the LEHC and Family Services Thames Valley will host an information session for those interested in learning about the upcoming changes to ODSP in Ontario. See below for the details!

ThenOntario Disability Support Program is Changing. Stay Ahead of the Curve with this Valuable Info Session: Tuesday, December 3, 209 from 6:30-8:30 at BEacock Branch Library, 1280 Huron Street London ON

This will be highly valuable for those currently applying for, living on, or appealing ODSP. The LEHC also offers no-cost advocacy services to provide legal support to those within the ODSP system.

Join us at the Beacock Library from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (Doors at 6).