Newcomer Services

For Newcomers to Canada, the transition to a new job market can be especially challenging. Differences in how past education, certifications, and experiences are viewed and accepted, can create a barrier to obtaining long-term employment, as well as cultural and language differences. At the London Employment Help Centre, we provide employment counselling services and career development programs, to assist individuals in obtaining long-term employment. Through job development programs and workshops, our advocacy services, referrals, and community involvement with various local ethnic organizations, we can assist Newcomers in getting prepared to enter the Canadian job market. We provide support to develop the skills and tools to make a New Canadian attractive to potential employers. We can also direct the Newcomer to other agencies to compliment our services, in order to enhance their credibility, and give them an equal opportunity in obtaining employment.

We provide:

  • Information on certification requirements, professional associations, licencing etc.
  • Self-assessment of skills and marketability:
    1. Participants are assigned individual Counselors who will assist and support them through the process of application, certification, and facilitated group job search.
    2. Training assists to cover some of the costs of document translation and/or evaluation, licensing and application fees, etc.
    3. Individuals who reach a level of 8-9 (ESL) and obtain the required certification for their profession, may be assisted with job development services (placement into jobs).


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