Employment Counselling

Looking for work can be a lonely time in your life!  We are here to help you reconnect with your journey back to employment.  Our Resource Centre may be the place for you to start.

There are 16 computer stations where you can research companies, careers and labour market trends.  You can use the phone and read the paper or work on revising your resume and write cover letters in response to posted job ads.  Knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with finding what you are looking for!

If you want more individual assistance from an Employment Counselor, you can make an appointment through the Receptionist.  You will get assistance with any one or all of the following in group settings and / or in one-to-one conversations with your Counselor:

  • Deciding on a career objective and /or alternative options
  • Identifying your skills, interests and talents
  • Setting goals for yourself both long and short term; creating a realistic plan!
  • Creating a resume and cover letter that gets noticed by an employer and that will get you invited in for an interview
  • Learning and gaining confidence in connecting with the people around you that may lead you to the employer that is looking for just the right person to hire – YOU
  • Connecting to the world of social media and how to use it effectively in your job search
  • Discussing interview questions and answers and successful strategies, viewing your interview practice on tape (if you are interested)
  • You may be referred to other services in the community that will best address a specific issue you want answers to.  See our Advocacy Services.
  • If one of your goals is to go back to school or get some training, you may qualify and be eligible for SECOND CAREER – come to an information session or perhaps a JOB CREATION PARTNERSHIP position
  • You may be interested in becoming an APPRENTICE – book a day and time to attend an information session to learn more

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