Employer Services

Are you an employer looking for that right person? Have a need for talented and reliable staff? At London Employment Help Centre, we can help with that!

The Job Matching Placement and Incentives program, matches participants skills, interests and preference with employment opportunities.  We offer financial incentives to place participants into part-time or full-time employment and also work with employers to develop individual training plans.  We provide recruitment assistance and pre-screen suitable candidates with access to web posting and job posting services.  Additionally, we support job retention by monitoring and coaching participants’ on-the-job training progress.

We also offer application assistance for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. Additional information can be found here.

Our team of Job Developers can work closely with your business in a one-on-one environment to make sure that the needs of your staff are met, and help avoid unnecessary turn-over and loss.

Contact us today to find out how to get the process started.