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Apprenticeships in Ontario

Interested in learning more or progressing in your career in the skilled trades? Contact the LEHC today to register for the information session or a one-to-one appointment. See our events calendar to learn more at www.lehc.ca!

Apprenticeship information sessions. Contact LEHC by phone, email or web to register!

London and Area Works Job Fair Preparation Workshop, Friday May 8, 2020 at 10 a.m.

On May 8, the LEHC will offer a special edition of the job fair preparation workshop to support people in navigating the new, virtual format for the London and Area Works Job Fair on May 12, 2020 from 2-6 p.m.

Join the LEHC for the London and Area Works (Virtual) Job Fair Preparation Workshop. Register by emailing epugliese@lehc.ca or calling 519-439-0501 , ext. 260. We'll see you May 8 at 10 a.m.!

Registration for the job fair is required as it shares your contact information with the organizers. The link will be available on May 1, 2020 but this workshop will review the process to access the event, a new remote world of work and other tips, information and resources that can be useful in your active job search and networking efforts! See you next Friday!

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Are You a Healthcare Worker in Ontario? Learn More about Employment Opportunities in these Essential (and Other) Roles.

The Government of Ontario issued an emergency order due to the covid-19 pandemic on April 1, 2020. Please see here for all the details. You can also apply for work in the healthcare sector using the province’s new Workforce Matching Portal.

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The Ontario government also released a new place to advertise and promote employment in Agri-business and Careers in Food. Please visit here to learn more. Though there continue to be many unprecedented challenges during the covid-19 pandemic, the proactive response, and number of currently available employment opportunities, is remarkable.

Much recognition and credit is due to government, community, organization, essential worker, and individual response to the covid-19 pandemic in Canada.  A million thanks to you all for your hard work in doing everything possible to keep Canadians healthy and safe.

Financial Supports During Covid-19 in Ontario

The Ontario government has announced $200 million in additional investment to support individuals, including Ontario’s most vulnerable people, businesses, not-for-profits, and charities in the province. There will be frequent updates as the government response unfolds and information about applications and access becomes available. You can read the London Free Press article here. Stay tuned for more.

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Please click here to learn more about the Covid-19 Emergency Assistance or to apply. Processing times will be affected.  You can also click here to learn more about Ontario’s response to Covid-19 in general

Please note, those already accessing social assistance are not eligible for Emergency Assistance but there are plans to make it easier to access discretionary benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic. Other measures are also being put into place to make approval processes easier for both recipients and caseworkers.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic response, please contact us and we will do what we can to guide, support, and direct you: info@lehc.ca | 519-439-0501

Top Three (Practical) Things To Do Today as an Active Job or Talent Seeker

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Yeah, we’ve all seen the top ten and twenty lists that dominate trending blog and news articles. This, though, is a top three. Three: it’s a good number. It is manageable and therefore more likely to help people in getting done whatever needs to be done. Life is chaotic; information is everywhere and ever-present; it’s hard to get a good sense of direction sometimes, and it’s normal to feel the need for help. Here’s just a little something to get your feet back on the ground:

1) Set Reasonable Goals

A big part of procrastination is the uncertainty of what will happen if we do, in fact, decide to do something. If a goal is too complicated, it will immediately become more difficult to accomplish. You can start easy by setting the goal to cook dinner and then clean up the kitchen afterward. “What’s specifically involved?,” “How might it look if I were to do this?,” “How might I feel after if I’ve reached the goal?” Then, with practice, you set more and more meaningful and significant goals using the same principles as you would with simpler goals.

2) Think of Specific Tasks

Fear and/or change can dominate a person’s motivation to do something. Remember a few key things when it comes to setting and achieving goals: motivation follows action, you can never truly predict how something will go so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try and seeing what it looks like, and this whole topic is highly sensitive and emotionally charged. Emotions are triggered by thoughts, not the other way around.

3) Complete Tasks Systematically

As with doing anything, some kind of organizational system helps. There’s no magical prescription for what that looks like, but people generally start with lists and then determine what tasks need to be completed in order for the next task to be ready for completion until the goal is reached. Start small, and then once you see that there’s nothing to fear about experience, testing, positive modification and success, you can go bigger and bigger based on what you are really after.

What are you really after?

Contact the LEHC if you are a job seeker or business in London Ontario seeking more detailed and useful specific tactics and strategies in making progress toward your personal, professional, or organizational goals and growth.

Stay tuned for the Top Three (Big Picture) Things to Do Today as an Active Job or Talent Seeker!

Ontario Disability Benefits: Stay Ahead of the Winds of Change

Next Tuesday, December 3, 2019, representatives from the LEHC and Family Services Thames Valley will host an information session for those interested in learning about the upcoming changes to ODSP in Ontario. See below for the details!

ThenOntario Disability Support Program is Changing. Stay Ahead of the Curve with this Valuable Info Session: Tuesday, December 3, 209 from 6:30-8:30 at BEacock Branch Library, 1280 Huron Street London ON

This will be highly valuable for those currently applying for, living on, or appealing ODSP. The LEHC also offers no-cost advocacy services to provide legal support to those within the ODSP system.

Join us at the Beacock Library from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (Doors at 6).

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No-Cost Seniors Basic Dental Care

Are you a low-income senior citizen in London ON and area?

Dentists are expensive. Retirement’s getting harder and harder by the day. If you need basic dental care, are a senior citizen living alone ($19300 max income) or a couple ($32300) the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility will cover your basic dental costs if you are not already covered!

The Ontario Conservative Governmnet offers no cost basic dental care for low-income seniors ($19300 for an individual, $32300 for a couple wthout existing coverage)

You can read the Ministry news release here and find out how to access this coverage here

If you need assistance applying online, contact or visit the LEHC!