Hacking Your Life to get Employed Quickly

Hacking your life to get employed quickly

by Chris Kulbaba – Employment Counsellor

You may or may not have heard the term of “hacking” before, so what if really refers to is taking steps that sometimes do not appear clearly to you or it means doing something completely different that is just simply ingenious.  Here are a few tips that you can apply right now, today, to increase the productivity of your job search and perhaps even hack your life in other ways.

  1. Stay awesome

Decide what awesome is for you by determining what goals you’re going to accomplish today.  When you find yourself drifting from this particular path and you are doing something that is not awesome (which are your goals that you have set to accomplish) then stop doing that right now and get back to being awesome.  If you continue to be awesome by setting a few goals each day and then achieving them, you’ll see a huge increase in your productivity.

  1. Flip a coin

If you come to a decision that you just cannot seem to make – flip a coin.  If it is so difficult to make a decision to move one way or another then what that is really saying is that you do not have a clear choice.  If you had a clear choice you would not be at the point where you needed to flip a coin anyway.  So if you cannot decide on which turn to take, if you cannot decide which step to move forward with, flip a coin and then actually get something done and figure out later if it was the right or the wrong thing to do.  The other alternative is that you waffle over the choice, spending precious time and energy to debate with yourself on what is right or wrong, good or bad, and you might not even start something as you are so busy deciding what you could do.  So – flip a coin.

  1. Always carry a copy of your resume

With the advancement of technology and today’s society, taking out a couple dollars from your budget to buy a portable USB drive where you can keep your resume, portfolio, cover letter, or even save documents for later when you’re at the library can be a huge time saver.  If you’re surfing the Internet and you find a website, you can take a screen shot and then save that on to your USB stick.  Not only that, if you find your dream job and you need a copy of your resume to edit, then you have it right there.  If you come across the chance to do an information interview or someone asks for a copy of your documents and you can provide it on the spot then that is a pleasant surprise for them and creates the reputation that you are always prepared.

  1. Follow the 2 minute rule

If you have something that comes across your plate and it takes less than 2 minutes to accomplish, stop and then complete that item.  What this will do for you is take care of all the little mundane things that  happen to us in an average day and free you up to have some time to accomplish your awesome goals, apply for jobs, and keep moving forward in your job seeking journey.

  1. Schedule distractions

Set some time aside each day for when people are able to approach you with tasks that are not directly related to your awesome goals.  Instead of managing your time, what you are doing is managing other people’s ability to distract you from doing things that are awesome and effective.  This will allow you to delegate activities that are more than 2 minutes which are not awesome, allowing you to stay awesome and maintain your goals to move forward.

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